Leesburg Florida estate sales by auction
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Need to liquidate an Leesburg Florida estate or business?
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map from our centrally located estate sale by auction facilties to Leesburg Florida on-site estate sales locations

The inside information regarding liquiding an estate with an Leesburg Florida estate sale company

The big picture is that hiring an Leesburg, FL estate sale company to conduct an on-site estate sale is not the most trouble free, practical or most profitable of your estate liquidation options. The inside information is written all over the internet, read the reviews of any company that you are considering consigning your estate with.

Now that your done reading the reviews you may ask what is a better option for liquidating an Leesburg, FL estate or business. It's simple, put your estate inventory where the buyers are, liquidate your estate with Orlando Estate Auction. Our rapid liquidation process will put your inventory in front of hundreds of re-sale furniture store owners, collectors, online sellers and more resulting in the highest estate conversion value possible.

Any Leesburg, FL on-site estate sale company will paint a different picture and this confuses you. To clear up any ambiguity or confusion go back to the online reviews for any and all companies that you are considering using to liquidate your Leesburg, FL estate inventory.

estate sale in Leesburg Florida

Considering hiring an Leesburg, Florida estate sale company

There are a varied amount of reasons that one must consider disposition of estate assets in Leesburg, Florida. One of the most common reasons for an estate sale is the death of the property owner and the consequent need to quickly liquidate the deceased's belongings. This need to quickly liquidate the Leesburg Floridaestate or have a rapid estate liquidation by estate auction may be due to many factors.

One reason might be that the survivors or heirs of the Leesburg, Florida estate may have no interest in the bulk of the personal belongings left to them by the deceased. Lack of interest may be due to a lack of space on behalf of the survivors, distance that the survivor lives from Leesburg, FL, lack of time to organize, plan and manage an on-site estate sale or many others.

There is typically a need to clear out the real estate asset, which is in most cases the largest asset of an Leesburg, FL. Estate. To quickly empty the house or business in order to ready it for a realtor all that is needed is one call to Orlando Estate Auction. It does not make financial sense to fuss with an on-site estate sale which will consume time and money in preparation for a small group of bargain hunters to rummage through your loved one's personal property and possessions searching for thrift store type bargains.

The most efficient, quick, lucrative and hassle free way to liquidate an estate is by consigning with Orlando Estate Auction for estate liquidation through Estate Auction. This process is the most trouble free, one call process that can empty the real estate within two days of that first call allowing it be available for the real estate professionals. Within ten days of this first call your estate will be inventoried, packed, transported, processed, displayed and sold at estate sale by auction. In most cases you will receive your check ten days from the date of your first call to us at 1-407-290-1000.

Location! Location!! Location!!! What is the Best location for your Leesburg, FL estate sale

You've heard it all before, location, location, location yet wonder, what does this have to do with my estate liquidation contents. Well it has everything to do with the success of achieving the greatest mass value for your Leesburg, FL estate sale inventory.

For a successful on-site estate sale you must have the optimal location and optimal schedule for ALL potential purchasers. You may think that this may seem impossible, that is because it is impossible to meet these qualifications with an on-site estate sale. There is absolutely no way to get your inventory in front of the eyes of the maximum number of potential customers at an on-site estate sale in Leesburg, FL.

The best location for any estate sale in Leesburg, FL is to sell your estate inventory at the estate sale auction house of Orlando Estate Auction. Our estate sale auction is centrally located in Orlando's warehouse district near the intersection of John Young Parkway and Silver Star Road. This location is only 4 miles from the center of Leesburg, FL. Best of all we are on the calendar of many furniture store owners, collectors, online resellers and more. It's simple, we see them weekly, on a regular basis, and our sale is permanently on their calendars.

Wonder where the owners of the Leesburg, FL used furniture store is on a Saturday evening, the answer is "at Orlando Estate Auction". Folks, its simple, life is hectic, life owning a resale furniture store is very hectic, life as a collector is extremely hectic, life as on online store owner is outrageously hectic, there is no time for these professionals to be driving from online estate sale to online estate sale. To simplify their lives they attend our weekly auctions, were we bring multiple estate sales to them, at one location.

Ask yourself, do you want to chance hosting an Leesburg, FL on-site estate sale to see how many bargain shoppers show up or do you want to put your estate sale in front of hundreds of business owners who are in the business of stocking their stores with quality merchandise for their customers. It's a simple fact of the re-sale industry; the most dollars per estate is achieved at an estate sale by auction. Why, because we bring the estate sale inventory to the people who spend real money on re-sale items.

The Downside of On-Site Estate Sale Companies in Leesburg, Florida

An on-site estate sale company in Leesburg, Florida will need many weeks or months to prepare your loved one's estate inventory for sale. This will cost heavily in utilities, wear and tear on the property, strain relations with neighbors and will mentally drain the consignor dealing with the various personalities of on-site estate sale company owners, employees, and others involved with this type of estate liquidation. Additionally on-site liquidation companies require you to maintain an insurance policy that will cover the on-site estate sale company employees as well as the bargain hunter shoppers who will be rummaging through your Leesburg, FL estate.

The Leesburg, FL estate sale company may advertise licensed and insured yet chances are they do not hold a license with the Florida DBPR, the agency that regulates professions in Florida. Their license will be a simple business tax receipt that only certifies that they have paid their tariff or tax in one city or county agency, most likely not Leesburg, Florida.

Additionally, the Leesburg, Florida estate sale company may indicate that they are insured yet require you to carry coverage throughout the on-site estate sale. This is most likely due to their insurance policy being a back-up policy that is only tapped when your Leesburg, FL estate property insurance is tapped out. In short, in the event of an incident causing claim you will need to spend valuable time filing a claim and tending to that claim. You may ask yourself what is the chance that someone trips, gets cut or other injury on the estate property while a staff of people spend weeks going through everything in the house and then a group of bargain hunters tramps through the property? Coverage would not be affordable if it were the primary policy covering an Leesburg, FL on-site estate sale.

When considering what Leesburg Fl Estate Company to hire for your estate liquidation one must consider the common sense aspects of such a sale. It is common sense to understand that the highest value will be achieved by auction as collectors, furniture resellers; antique dealers cannot afford time or expense wise to drive from on-site estate sale to on-site estate sale every day of the week to acquire their collectibles or re-sale inventory. These dealers, collectors, re-sellers and others attend our Weekly Estate Sale by Auction at Orlando Estate Auction to efficiently acquire their inventory or items.

It is most irrational to believe that a giant group of collectors will take their weekends or half weeks to drive from on-site estate sale to on-site estate sale to acquire their collectibles when they can simply shop the online sales platforms of EBAY or ETSY.

The Upside of liquidating an estate with our Estate Sale by Auction Company in Leesburg, Florida

By hiring our Leesburg, Florida estate sale by Auction Company to liquidate your estate or business you will minimize the hassle, liability and time consumption of an on-site estate sale.

Our hassle free Leesburg, FL estate sale liquidation by estate auction will begin with one simple and honest phone call. During this initial call we will ask you a few basic questions about your estate. We need to make sure that your expectations are realistic.

We will ask you to submit, any photographs of the estate inventory using our submission form.

We will evaluate your photographs to ensure that your description of an estate inventory is accurate. We need to make sure that you have estate level contents and not just a little extra stuff. Sure, we sell a little extra stuff yet in order to dispatch an appropriately sized truck and crew we need to pre-evaluate what your inventory is using photographs. These photographs also help us discuss expectations with you regarding your inventory sale at our Leesburg, FL Estate Sale by Auction.

During our Leesburg Fl estate sale by auction our gallery is full of bidders consisting of antique store owners, antique dealers, used furniture store owners, value furniture store owners, online store owners, interior decorators, collectors, and locals looking to furnish a home or add something to their collections. Our audience visits our online gallery prior to our weekly Central FL estate sales by auction to begin to research and develop their shopping lists. This auction process ensures that our consignor's inventor is given the highest value based upon supply and demand and not priced by a group of estate sale temporary employees guessing at pricing. This competitive bidding process removes the chance of underpricing highly valuable items and or over pricing not so valuable items leaving you with substantial unsold inventory.

In short, our auction bidders of various price point interests insures that your highly valuable items are sold by competitive bidding to dealers and collectors who are experts in high value items and that value priced category items also are bid on by dealers in value price category items. Our varied gallery of price point buyers ensures that your maximum values are achieved across the board.

What is the definition of an Leesburg, FL Estate Sale Inventory?

To make sure of the understanding of the contents of your Leesburg Florida estate inventory is an actual estate and not just "a little extra stuff" we ask that you consider the following. We do sell estate inventory by auction and also sell "a little extra stuff" by auction but the transportation process is different. The quality and amount of inventory will determine if we ask you to drop off your trunk load of boxed items or if we dispatch a large box truck to pack, load and transport your estate to our estate sale by auction warehouse and processing center.

A full Leesburg, FL estate typically contains one or more bedroom, living room, dining room, family room furniture. Additional furniture items may include screen enclosure furniture, lawn or garden furniture, and possible office or library furniture.

In addition to furniture a typical Leesburg, FL estate may contain garage contents, in many cases one or two automobiles, garden tools, mowers, shovels, tool box, and more garage and garden items. Additional items that may be included in the vehicles and garage contents items are motorcycles, recreational vehicles, motor homes, travel and storage trailers, car hauler trailer, boat, personal watercraft or jet skis and other motorized vehicles. These motorized vehicles can be sold at an estate sale by auction if they are part of an estate.

Garden items such as concrete garden statuary, garden fountains, garden furniture, potted plants and garden pots, benches, garden seats, religious statuary and other garden items are part of a typical estate inventory. There may be an additional shed that contains inventory for sale at your estate sale by auction, even the shed can be sold at our estate sales by auction at Orlando Estate Auction.

The inventory of a typical estate will also contain Kitchen items including large or small appliances, everyday dish ware, fine china, silverware, kitchen decorations and canned or non-perishable foods.

The typical Leesburg Fl estate may contain bathroom items such as linens, towels, hygiene appliances such as hair dryers, electric razors, footbath and other beauty appliances. Other beauty items such as makeup, perfume, partum, cologne, mirrors, and miscellaneous bath items are also part of an estate. Additionally, elder care items such as wheel chairs, canes, bath seats, disposable undergarments and other elder care items are part of an Leesburg Fl estate.

The bedrooms of a typical estate in central Florida will contain various clothing items such as men's suits or ladies pant suits, neck ties, scarves, everyday wear, sport ware, sleep ware, robes, under clothes, jackets, coats, furs, shoes, sneakers and other various clothing items. In addition a bedroom for estate sale by auction will contain clocks, decorative collectibles and other small items.

The typical estate may contain art in various art categories. The art may be decorator art, collector art, fine art, listed art, personal art, or a combination of all of the above.

Your Leesburg Florida estate may also contain jewelry in various categories. Men's or women's watches, gold or silver jewelry, rare gem stone items of diamond, ruby, sapphire and other rare gems may adore the gold or silver. Wedding band sets, brooches, rings, necklaces and other jewelry of fine jewelry quality may be the main estate jewelry pieces in your Leesburg Fl estate jewelry inventory. The estate jewelry may also contain costume jewelry, hand-made jewelry or other pieces that complete the estate jewelry collection, all of which need to be evaluated and categorized for sale.

The typical estate will also contain a wide array of electronics, some of which may include televisions, smart televisions, smart phones, smart tablets, land line telephones, phonographs, stereos, radios, lap top computers and desk top computers, and various other small electronics.


Liquidating estate sales in several central Florida counties including Brevard County, FL, Lake County, FL, Marion County, FL, Orange County, FL, Osceola County, FL, Polk County, FL, Seminole County, FL, Sumter County, FL, Volusia County, FL,

Cities that we liquidate estate sales include Altamonte Springs, FL, Apopka, FL, Astatula, FL, Barefoot Bay, FL, Bay Hill, FL, Bella Collina, FL, Belle Isle, FL, Bithlo, FL, Cape Canaveral, FL, Cassadaga, FL, Casselberry, FL, Celebration, FL, Champions Gate, FL, Christmas, FL, Clermont, FL, Cocoa, FL, Cocoa Beach, FL, College Park, Orlando, FL, Davenport, FL, Daytona Beach, FL, Deland, FL, Deltona, FL, Del Webb, FL, Doctor Phillips, FL, Eatonville, FL, Edgewater, FL, Eustis, FL, Flagler Beach, FL, Four Corners, FL, Geneva, FL, Groveland, FL, Haines City, FL, Howey In The Hills, FL, Hunters Creek, FL, Indialantic, FL, Isleworth, FL, Kissimmee, FL, Lady Lake, FL, Lake Butler, FL, Lake Buena Vista, FL, Lake Mary, FL, Lake Nona, FL, Lakeland, FL, Leesburg, FL, Longwood, FL, Maitland, FL, Melbourne, FL, Merritt Island, FL, Minneola, FL, Montverde, FL, Narcoosee, FL, New Smyrna Beach, FL, Oakland, FL, Ocala, FL, Ocoee, FL, Orange City, FL, Orlando, FL, Ormond Beach, FL, Oviedo, FL, Palm Bay, FL, Palm Coast, FL, Pine Castle, FL, Poinciana, FL, Ponce Inlet, FL, Port Orange, FL, Rockledge, FL, Saint Cloud, FL, St. Cloud, FL, Sanford, FL, Satellite Beach, FL, Shell Point, FL, Solivita, FL, Sun City Center, FL, Titusville, FL, Tavares, FL, Viera, FL, The Villages, FL, Williamsburg, FL, Windermere, FL, Winter Garden, FL, Winter Park, FL, Orlando Winter Park, FL, Winter Springs, FL,

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